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Customer Testimonials

I have helped support clients across Southend & Essex from all walks of life, here are some testimonials from my clients.

"I started my therapy practice just over a year ago, and during that time Holly has been extremely helpful and supportive. It has been very re-assuring to know that she is always available to talk things through with, and to seek advice from. Her obvious integrity enabled us to build trust and rapport right from the start. Her 'no' nonsense approach and her many years of expereince, as well as her sense of humour, have resulted in us quickly establishing a really good working relationship."


"Holly has a friendly, welcoming manner which made me feel relaxed and comfortable, which I was especially glad of as I was rather nervous the first time I went to see her. Holly is a kind and genuine person who I felt able to confide in. There were numerous issues that Holly has been able to help me with. Ranging from high anxiety to coping with a long term illness. Holly really is a life saver when things build up and become a bit much in day to day life. Holly not only helps me cope with emotional issues but she also can help with practical ways to move forward with life. I highly recommend!"


"Working with Holly to say the least was life changing. I was experiencing unwanted feelings, emotions and behaviours that I didn't understand or know how to stop that were wrecking every aspect of my life. After a reassuring initil consulatation, I completed analytical therapy sessions with Holly. From just a few sessions in positive changes in myself and my life were very evident not just to me but to those closet to me. As a result of working with Holly, I have also made life changing decisions and taken positive action to lead the life I truly want to live now wothout any demons holding me back or down. Holly is incredible at what she does and conducted our sessions with complete professionalism."


"When a friend recommended me to Holly I was at a very low point in my life and would've paid anything to get my myself back on track and enjoying life again. Holly was brilliant, very understanding and showed a genuine desire to help. She was very supportive throughout my therapy and I trusted her judgement. I found the therapy to be very effective because she has extensive experience and many different ways of working with people. Therefore I would feel confident to recommend Holly to anyone I know who is seeking therapy."


You are able to make the changes necessary to get the best out of life and I can help you

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Holly Bowden Holmes

FAPHP (acc) DHP HPD Supervisor (acc)
NLP, Coaching
Accredited Member and Supervisor
of the APHP


ARFID therapist Essex.
Child Behaviour and Eating Disorder Specialist. 

The Bowden Effect approach to helping Children and Young People with Issues attending School.

As with any therapy no guarantees or refunds can be offered but I will do everything within my power to help you address, overcome or achieve whatever had brought you to my office. My commitment to my profession and to my clients is an ethical lifetime obligation  for which I am passionate.

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