Holly Holmes (Goody) Essex Hypnotherapist Online and 1-2-1 Therapist. Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Emotional facilitator for young people. Individual and Family support for Loss and PTSD. 18 years experience.
Holly Holmes (Goody)Essex Hypnotherapist Online and 1-2-1 Therapist.Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor.Emotional facilitator for young people.Individual and Family support for Loss and PTSD. 18 years experience.    


Considering the possibility of change is a step in the 'right' direction!

Psychotherapy is described as the ‘Talking Therapy’ and can assist people to overcome emotional problems that are affecting their quality of life.

Most people experience some emotional upset during their life, but is often resolved over time, however sometimes the problem and the associated symptoms persist, so by exploring the past and present we can identify and even resolve how feelings or symptoms from the past may have been triggered.

Sometimes we are not even consciously aware of this actually happening and it could be that through this type of exploration we can look towards making the necessary change in the thought process which encourages positive change.

People experience emotional problems in many ways:

  • Feelings of anxiety and an inability to cope or concentrate
  • Feelings of emptiness, sadness or depression
  • Child behaviour Issues
  • Self Harming
  • Lack of confidence or feelings of underachievement
  • Difficulty in making or sustaining relationships, or repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfying or destructive relationships
  • Extreme mood swings and undesirable behaviour
  • Difficulty in coming to terms with losses such as bereavement, divorce, or loss of a job
  • Physical symptoms
  • Eating disorders
  • Problems involving alcohol or drugs
  • Obsessional behaviour
  • Phobias
  • Stress and panic attacks
  • Procrastination

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Change is always possible with the right help. The first point of contact is the hardest part after that you are already making a change and taking control of your life. Call me to chat about a way forward on 07377 700682