Holly Holmes (Goody) Essex Hypnotherapist Online and 1-2-1 Therapist. Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Emotional facilitator for young people. Individual and Family support for Loss and PTSD. 18 years experience.
Holly Holmes (Goody)Essex Hypnotherapist Online and 1-2-1 Therapist.Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor.Emotional facilitator for young people.Individual and Family support for Loss and PTSD. 18 years experience.    


can make change possible!

There have been many myths and misconceptions surrounding hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Would it surprise you to learn that the hypnotic state is actually a very natural one and one that you would go in and out of several times EVERY day, like a daydream?

Hypnosis has been used to great effect in the therapeutic context for hundreds of years to facilitate change within the subconscious mind (the emotional part of your thinking). This is where we store everything we have ever learnt or experienced in our lives. Sometimes these experiences restrict us from moving forward or making changes in our lives.

Hypnotherapy assists the conscious mind (your everyday thoughts- where to go and what to do) and the subconscious mind to work together in harmony (emotion v rational thinking) as opposed to the 'normal' daily conflict, therefore allowing your mind to accept changes that are for your benefit.

How am I hypnotised?

A typical hypnosis session would involve you sitting in a comfy chair, feet up, eyes closed and the art of simply listening. Because hypnosis is perfectly natural, a hypnotic state can be safely induced by me speaking to you.

What will it feel like?

Some people feel more relaxed than they have ever felt before, some people feel, well nothing really. It will all depend on you. Regardless of what you do or don’t feel, the subconscious mind is still listening and changes can still be accepted. You do remain conscious AT ALL TIMES, it is pain free and you will feel wide awake by the time you leave my office. Many people have reported that they find Hypnosis really quite amazing!!

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Anybody who wants to allow themselves the possibility of change can be hypnotised because all that hypnosis is, in a fashion is Self hypnosis, because you get to decide if YOU want to relax or not! Using the power of your mind to induce a level of relaxation that is comfortable for you is extremely empowering.

Learning Self Hypnosis

This is a technique I like to teach all my clients. It is a great Stress Buster, can be used to manage pain, aids sleep, as well as being incredibly relaxing, the benefits are numerous.

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Change is always possible with the right help. The first point of contact is the hardest part after that you are already making a change and taking control of your life. Call me to chat about a way forward on 07377 700682